2nd Avenue Interiors is the office furniture division of Tigetek Associates Incorporated.  This corporation is owned by a Service Disabled Veteran of the Vietnam Era, and as a veteran good is not good enough, it must be perfect or it is done until it is perfect. 

2nd Avenue Interiors has a team of installation professionals who are capable of installing any major cubicle system, AIS, Allsteel, Haworth, Herman Miller, Knoll, Steelcase, Teknion, Kimball, Friant, Mode and PIA.  Those of you who bought furniture from a Haworth Dealer may be under the belief that anything done with your furniture, such as it being moved, reconfigured, adjusted or re-installed can only be accomplished by a Haworth Certified Installation Crew.  If in fact it is not accomplished by a Haworth Certified Installation Crew, then the warranty and/or guarantee will be voided. 

This is a falsehood.  Haworth Manufacturing does not perform the certification of Installers, and this in fact is something that the dealers themselves designed to insure that they were called for any installation work relative to their furnishings.  You  may have heard when you purchased the furniture from Haworth that any work done with their furniture must be accomplished by a Haworth Certified Installation Company or your warranty or guarantee could be affected.   This is a ploy designed by the dealers of Haworth to limit competition.  There is a lot of money to be made in the maintenance of cubicles and other furnishings and Haworth Dealers want to insure they get it. 

According to the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act they cannot force you to utilize their installers for any work necessary. 2nd Avenue Interiors Installers and its Contractors are fully qualified to install any of the mentioned manufacturer’s products and it will in no way result in your warranty or guarantees being voided. Our Installers are also registered as C61-D34 Contractors as required by California Law.  We are fully licensed as a D34 Contractor # 954797.

Installation is a critical process.  In order to insure a balanced installation, we install according to a plan, insuring that all bolts and screws are securely placed where they go, that the panels and all surfaces are laser leveled, and that all runs are true and straight.  We work hand in hand with the electrician and IT professional insuring that the end result is more than just satisfactory, it must be perfect. 

We clean up after the install, insuring that there are no fingerprints on the fabric or surfaces.  If installing previously owned cubicles, we may suggest that you clean the fabric to remove spores, odors, dust and dust mites from its previous home.  We can either recommend someone to do the cleaning or we can provide that service as well.

We insure that the install is complete. We mean complete? Our lead installer and his crew will ensure that cantilevers are locked into place, the edges are straight, and the surfaces are level. Lastly, Clean. Oh yes, when you enter your new space, it will be clean from top to bottom!

If you require any service work on any manufactured cubicle system please give us a chance to provide it by calling us for a quote.  

We have the ability to provide this service nationwide with our Teaming Associates, Valley Relocation and Storage and others, so please call and give us the chance to make you a satisfied customer. 

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